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GRI 102-2

OdontoPrev offers dental plans and solutions to appropriately meet the needs of each beneficiary, in terms of costs and services scope. The Company develops customized plans for corporate clients, with differentiated and high-quality dental services. Plans vary for SMEs and individuals, and users can choose the plan which best suits their needs.


Strategic partnerships and the strength of its brand reputation contribute to the Company create value and uphold its leadership position in the dentistry sector.


The brand that serves the group´s largest number of beneficiaries, including corporate clients and SMEs. Pioneer in collective plans, its differential is the Multifunctional Service Cells.


A prime dental care solution that provides tools that allow allow free choice choice of dentists. Focus on highly demanding, very sophisticated corporate clients.

Rede Dental

With cutting-edge business management technology, Rede Dental serves companies of varying sizes and segments located in the State of Minas Gerais.


A dental care company operating in the Northeast region, with focus on orthodontics, mainly dedicated to the individual segment.

BB Dental

BB Dental is a joint venture between OdontoPrev and BB Seguridade (which positions itself in the market through the brand BB Seguros), distributing exclusive dental plans across all channels of Banco do Brasil’s system.

Odonto System

The merger of Odonto System, in January 2019, represents an opportunity for OdontoPrev complement its dental plan portfolio, especially in the Northeast region. Such complementarity is verified due to different pricing characteristics, services model and brand positioning.


OdontoPrev has subsidiaries or is a minority shareholder at companies operating in other areas within the dentistry value chain, such as software, equipment, and materials for sector’s professionals, namely:

Easy Dental

  • A subsidiary of OdontoPrev Serviços, it develops and licenses software and computer programs that manage dental offices and dental plan operators. Click here for more information.

Dental Partner

  • A subsidiary of OdontoPrev, it sells at wholesale and retail, dental products and materials, sanitizers, pharmaceutical supplies, and related products, at competitive prices. Click here for more information.

Grupo Papaiz

  • It holds an interest in clinics of dental radiological images, jointly controlled with Grupo Fleury. Click here for more information.

Boa Consulta

  • Independent platform for online scheduling of doctors and dentists. As a minority shareholder, OdontoPrev maintains a partnership, so that its clients can make an appointment through the electronic app. Click here for more information.
Balões de depoimentos


The support we receive from OdontoPrev is very important for our institution, as it qualifies the social protection we offer to our employees, their dependents and institution’s users, without its support, it would be difficult to guarantee their right to dental health.

Crislaine Lima, Socio-Educational Program Coordinator, Gol de Letra Foundation

OdontoPrev has been a partner of the Ronald McDonald Institute, since the foundation of this Institute in 1999 and has been contributing to transform the lives of thousands of children and adolescents with cancer in Brazil. With a 21-year history, the Institute already supported 1,500 projects of 100 institutions throughout the country, qualifying 26,000 health professionals in the early diagnosis of cancer.

Francisco Neves, Founder, and Superintendent of Ronald McDonald Institute

Over 500 people are benefited from OdontoPrev’s dental plans in its partnership with Tide Setubal Foundation. Taking into account that we assist socially vulnerable people, perhaps some of them never experienced something like that, as they made other choices in life.

Thiago Cassimiro, Tide Setubal Foundation’s Project Assistant, talking about the donation of dental plans in the “Black Friday do Bem” campaign.

Since I was a child, I had contact with Dentistry, my uncle was a dentist. I loved to see him working. Today, I am proud to be a dentist, strong-willed to serve patients. OdontoPrev not only takes care of the patient, but it also takes care of services through satisfaction surveys, which check service provided by the dentist, thus, everyone wins, patients, and dentists.

Rodrigo Villagra, OdontoPrev’s accredited dentist

I can see a digital future in dentistry and OdontoPrev’s competitive advantage is innovation and agility. The company offers a loyalty program to dentists, which allows accumulating points that I can exchange with dental materials.

Priscilla Ronchetti, OdontoPrev’s accredited dentist

We have been maintaining a long-standing partnership with OdontoPrev, approximately 15 years. OdontoPrev knows our routine and our demands concerning quality. We realize how OdontoPrev has been changing over the years, pursuing new technologies, improving its website and platform. This makes us look at our partnership in the long run.

Luciana Ezequiel, DHL’s HR Officer

The Young Entrepreneurs Program allowed me to grow as a professional and as a person, made me rediscover myself as a marketing professional and grow more and more. Every day I feel I contribute to the Company’s evolution and I have the opportunity of taking part in strategic projects.

Victoria Carnieri, OdontoPrev’s Marketing

I was well-received, with kindness and without discrimination. All the opportunities I receive at the company are fairly offered to me. OdontoPrev’s opportunities are offered to anyone pursuing professional and personal growth.

Paulo Ferreira, OdontoPrev’s Sustainability assistant

OdontoPrev’s Trainee Program offers lots of labor market opportunities, it includes trainees in different projects that contribute to his/her personal and professional development and presents adverse corporate scenarios for professional growth.

Mariana Lupianhas, OdontoPrev’s internship

I feel challenged by strategic projects I receive and I feel responsible for sustaining the company as a leader in the market. My 30-year experience in OdontoPrev makes me feel comfortable to innovate. OdontoPrev combines the strength of a publicly-held company and its capacity and desire for innovation. The employee is stimulated to devise new solutions at all hierarchical levels and play a leading role.

Diego Lyra, OdontoPrev’s Controller

OdontoPrev changed my life and received me with open arms. I am a disabled person, due to a traffic accident occurred 21 years ago. Every environment is prepared to receive any type of disability and fully accessible. The Company allowed me to develop myself intellectually and take up courses to improve my work.

Raquel Naressi, OdontoPrev’s Clinical Audit Supervisor